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Latest Innovations in the Electric Motion Industry

Modular Motion Unit

We combined three main components of the EV drivetrain system using cutting-edge technologies in the motion control field. EvoDrive is the most efficient "all-in-one" unit that can be easily integrated into an EV platform, saving millions of dollars in development and integration costs.

motor axial.png

Axial Flux Motor

Higher torque density – when compared to regular radial flux motors.

Improved power to weight ratio - ideal for EV applications.

Better cooling -  from the windings having greater air movement over the coils.

Excessive heat eliminated - since the axial flux motors do not have end turns.

Ideal shape - for manufacturing and affordability.

Highest power density

Silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs
(metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors) have a critical breakdown strength that is 10x greater than silicon.

Operate at much higher temperatures than silicon, providing a higher current density.


Reduce switching losses and support higher switching frequencies.


Handles higher voltage and power requirements while still saving space.

Extremely rugged and durable MOSFETs.


Light Planetary reducer

High efficiency – transmission efficiency up to 97% due to the low loss of power from a planetary gear train.

High torque - with a small volume, the planetary reducer can withstand higher torques than other reducers.

Cost savings - with a planetary reducer, the application can use a motor with a low power, greatly reducing the overall cost of the configuration.

High precision - planetary reducer has extremely high precision.

Low noise - even large planetary gears have very low noise levels during operation.

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